We are a group of attorneys-at-law fully committed in rendering an optimal defense of our principals’ rights and interests, whether in court or out of court – with a background of more than thirty uninterrupted years working in Paraguayan courts, focusing ourselves in a high-level and continuous training, while preserving our untouched honesty reflected in all procedures. Each case is managed by a qualified work team, maximizing control measures and minimizing risks.

The origin of our Law Firm is closely related to a former member of the Supreme Court of Justice of Paraguay, Dr. Eugenio Jiménez y Núñez, who was also a member of the National Commission of Encoding Rules, directly contributing to the juridical emancipation of Paraguay, working together with meritorious magistrates – all of them deserving an honorable place in national history.

The Law Firm has its head offices in its own building located at 15 de Agosto No. 1080 casi Jejuí, downtown Asuncion, not very far from the Courthouse, in a university-influenced city section. It has all the facilities required to render the best service to its clients in all legal disciplines. It also has a well-equipped library, with national and foreign materials associated to the various juridical subjects.

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