The Law Firm offers a number of services in civil, commercial, labor and contentious administrative matters, without setting aside constitutional matters, and also offering administrative and judicial proceedings on a general basis, associated to the above-mentioned matters.

Civil Matters

Litigation in the matters of individuals and families, including cases involving childhood and adolescence matters (change of names or surnames, statements of interdiction and injunction, marital separations, divorce actions, dissolution of conjugal unions, the filing of foreign marriage certificates, marriage capitulations, alimonies, conviviality regimes and relationships, filiations).

Litigation in agreement or contract matters (actions related to compliance and resolution of agreements or contracts, as well as of damages and losses arising from an agreement or contract).

Establishment of civil partnerships (drafting and amendment of articles of association, and obtainment of official licenses), as well as rendering a comprehensive consulting service in this regard.

Drafting of civil and commercial agreements, including their prior registration with the public registries.

Litigation in damage and loss matters not related to agreements.

Litigation related to personal properties or real estates (horizontal properties, eviction, interdiction, claims, usucapion, partition of properties held in common, judicial measure of properties, unification of properties, marking of boundaries, judicial assessment of damages arising from the expropriation of properties).

Testamentary or ordinary disposition in inheritance matters, whether voluntary or contentious.

Commercial Matters:

Drafting of general commercial agreements (purchase and sale, domestic or international, renting, works, commissions, brokerage, deposits, pledges, checking accounts, leasing, consignation, supply, distribution, agency, franchising, factoring, licensing, and assignment of trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs, know-how, technical assistance, consulting, publishing of scientific, literary or artistic works, representations, advertising, etc.).

Organization and registration of corporations, limited liability companies, capital and industrial enterprises, limited copartnerships or stock companies, as well as procedures required at the time of creation as: - obtaining business licenses to the Municipality of Asuncion – Necessary paperwork to the Public Procurement Direction, etc. Permanent consulting assistance on their functioning.

Mergers of companies. Establishment and registration of Paraguayan affiliates of foreign companies. Amendment of articles of association, arrangement of ordinary or extraordinary shareholders’ meetings. Comprehensive consulting service to individuals and companies in commercial matters.

Executive suits (collection of bills of exchange, checks, and promissory notes) mortgage foreclosures and pledge enforcements, creditors’ meetings, bankruptcy actions, cessation of the effects of bearer securities.

Labor Matters:

Defense against legal actions initiated for dismissals, representation of the client before the administrative labor authorities, supervision and regularization of labor documents of a mandatory nature.

Elaboration and validation of internal labor rules.

Contentious administrative matters.

Representation of interests in contentious administrative actions.

Constitutional Matters:

Unconstitutional actions against legal judgments or regulatory resolutions.

Relief actions.

Obtainment of the Paraguayan nationality by means of naturalization or nationality option.

Consulting in matters of expropriation of properties.

Administrative and Miscellaneous Legal Matters Proceedings:

Proceedings before governmental agencies, consulting in administrative proceedings, defense in administrative summaries.

Proceedings of foreign letters rogatory for the production of evidences, such as statements of witnesses, obtainment of documents, reports, etc.

Obtainment of certificates and documents which are required abroad, duly legalized, such as penal clearance certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates and certificates stating unmarried status.

Approvals of commercial record books. Certificates stating the non-involvement in creditors’ meetings, bankruptcy or injunction actions, etc.

Procedures for obtaining temporary or permanent residence in the Republic of Paraguay and obtaining a Paraguayan identity card

Procedures for obtaining merchant registration.

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